Our Scholarship Story

The Sartori scholarship program is another example of our family style commitment. Each year, we proudly grant a number of scholarships to deserving children of Team Members and patron farmers.


This past year, we honored high school students from Plymouth and Antigo, Wisconsin as the recipients of our annual scholarship program. All are children of Sartori Team Members or our patron dairy farmers. Sartori selected high school students that displayed exemplary personal excellence through a combination of academic achievement, extracurricular involvement and personal integrity.

The Sartori family has a long-standing reputation as a supporter of the local community and is thrilled to help these remarkable young adults begin their journey into secondary education. Jim Sartori, owner and CEO, sums it up this way: “Children and education are the backbone of a strong local community. We take great pride in the ability to give back and help the children of our Team Members and patron farmers achieve their educational goals.”