Careers at Sartori

Our Hiring Philosophy

We know it takes world-class talent to make the best cheese in the world. That’s why we function as a career destination, not just a stop along the road. We want talented people to come — and stay. So we focus on attracting the very best people up front, and then we emphasize education, training and promoting from within. This creates a stimulating environment for growth and upward mobility. How much you achieve is up to you.


At Sartori, we live by six core values: Family, Commitment, Authenticity, Ingenuity, Integrity and Humility. You’ll see these qualities expressed throughout our organization by each of our Team Members.


We are a FAMILY of people who care about each other and work for a common cause.


Our COMMITMENT is demonstrated every day through hard work, dedication and a strong investment in continuous improvement.


From the day our founder, Paolo Sartori, made his first vat of cheese in 1939, everything we’ve done — everything we are — is rooted in tradition, quality and AUTHENTICITY.


We thrive on INGENUITY, welcoming great ideas that are cutting edge and efficient from all of our Team Members.


“Always do the right thing.” We practice INTEGRITY in all things through honesty, reliability and accountability.


Some might call it a Midwestern trait, but at our very core, HUMILITY at Sartori goes without saying. We quietly and firmly believe that our achievements should speak for themselves.