Our Vision & Mission

Sartori's vision is simple:
To put great cheese on every plate.
We have the highest aspirations, not just for ourselves, but for all great cheese. In this spirit, we strive to remain authentic and inspire our lifelong customers to return again and again.

Our mission is just as clear:
To make the best cheese in the world.
We come to work every day with that simple goal in mind. We realize it may not always be attainable - but the never-ending drive to improve is what makes Sartori such a visionary place to be.

Careers at Sartori

We know it takes world-class talent to make the best cheese in the world. That’s why we function as a career destination, not just a stop along the road. We want talented people to come — and stay. So we focus on attracting the very best people up front, and then we emphasize education, training and promoting from within. This creates a stimulating environment for growth and upward mobility. How much you achieve is up to you.

Community Commitment

We value and appreciate our community and feel a deep connection to the land around us. Each year, we donate thousands of dollars (and tons of cheese) to benefit regional charities. We’re dedicated to clean living and sustainability in both the treatment of animals and in our cheesemaking process.